Exotic Music 101

I love exotic music. But what on earth is “Exotic Music”? There are many words to describe what it is but maybe we can eliminate what it isn’t. It certainly isn’t something mundane or usual that you’d probably hear in your local elevator…”elevator music”. I have traveled around the world in search of exotic music and have found lots, in fact I just published my one hundred and first Cd of exotic music.

One style that I discovered in Indonesia is called “Genjek”, what I call vocal percussion music. This certainly fits into the “exotic music” category. Here’s what it sounds like: Adi Ayu Genjek

Here is some very strange sounding music from Japan. This is called Gagaku and is ancient music from 589 A.D. or before. This is Japanese classical court music whose origins goes back to China. Check this out (from my Kotobuki Cd) : Kitoku no kyu gagaku

In my own musical compositions I use exotic instruments and exotic rhythms. Here’s an example that is in a very strange rhythm a slow 21 time or fast 42 beats. See if you can count the 21 slow beats or the 42 fast ones. (from my cd Exotic Guitars): Hari 21