Eastman El Rey - A Very Sexy Guitar

I recently acquired a stunningly beautiful and wonderfully sounding guitar – the Eastman El Rey.   I saw my first El Rey in a music store and was really impressed with it’s “Art Nouveau” look.  I played it for a bit and it felt great.  Some time passed and I contacted Eastman and was able to arrange to purchase one as an endorser.   I brought it home and immediately started a piece of music with it…. well actually several pieces of music.  Here’s one of them – all of the guitar parts were played on the El Rey, of course I added my usual array of exotic ethnic percussion.

Here you can hear “El Rey” before it appears on a future Cd. :   El Rey

Chuck with Eastman El Rey Guitar

Chuck with El Rey



Eastman El Rey Guitar - another view

El Rey – another view


Eastman El Rey Guitar "Nice Curves"

El Rey “Nice Curves”

Chuck with his new Eastman El Rey Guitar

Chuck with his new El Rey guitar

Eastman El Rey Guitar close up

El Rey close up

El Rey headstock

El Rey headstock





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