Adventure Isle

Over two years ago I was approached by Disney Imagineering to create music for a new land –  “Adventure Isle” in the developing Disneyland located in Shanghai, China.
I was told that this was the first time all original music was commissioned for any  “land” in a Disneyland theme park.
The music is indigenous music of the “Arbori people” a fictitious tribal group that inhabits Adventure Isle.  I was asked to come up with music that was not Chinese, South American, African or any other current style of music – this was to be totally new tribal music.  I was also told that the Arbori people had not yet discovered metal.  What a cool project!  I did lots of experimentation to create a sonic pallet that was completely new but had to sound as if it were from an ancient tradition.

No samples were used and only acoustic musical instruments were played.

I used many bamboo flutes of various sizes, clay ocarinas, lots of shakers made of seeds and even used foliage as a rhythm instrument.  Exotic stringed instruments, mallet instruments and loads of drums helped create a totally organic sound.  Additional ambient sounds recorded on my Sonic Safari adventures were blended into the soundtrack.

I created quite a few experimental musical instruments for the project.  I composed melodies using strange musical scales ( in some cases micro-tonal scales ).  The rhythms include exotic non-traditional rhythms like 17, 13 and other odd times.  Lots of percussion and drums were created for the project including a “stone marimba” and several harp guitars.
I composed over 4 hours of music ( a total of 46 songs ) .  It was lots of fun working with a great team of people including an excellent writer, sound designers, singers, a children’s choir and production teams. One group even went to the jungle to record ambient sounds.

My good friend Steve Hill directed a children’s choir that learned the Arbori language used for the song’s lyrics.

The sound system will be an elaborate system designed especially for the project.

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Adventure Isle

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