The All New Sonic Safari Music Blog

Sonic Safari Music logoDo you enjoy strange and exotic music? Need some music to relax to? Well Sonic Safari Music has a wide range of unique music, including relaxation music to soothe your nerves after a hard day. Listen to Tribal Drums of the Navajo Indians and imagine that you are there participating in the Peyote Ceremony. Or travel to South America and listen to the the soundscapes of the Amazon Jungle.

Chuck Jonkey travels the world to bring new and exciting music for the Sonic Safari Music label. Every Album is full of new and exciting sounds. His purpose is to arouse your senses with breathtaking music. Chuck is a musician/composer and adventurer who loves recording and filming lost and endangered cultures. He wants to share these experiences with you by creating exciting audio and visual products €“ CDs and DVDs. If you’re looking for peaceful music, music for healing, music to stretch your imagination, you have come to the right place.

The new Sonic Safari Music Blog will keep you up-to-date with the latest happenings at Sonic Safari Music along with a behind the scenes look at the music. Chuck Jonkey will also share his experiences while discovering new and exotic music. You will also be allowed to post comments and questions on this blog.

So let’s discover exotic music and new vistas of world music, world beat, meditation music, yoga music, romance music, soothing music and music for relaxation. Let Sonic Safari Music be your source for space music, electronic music, tribal music and new age music. Experience healing music, soundscapes, nature sounds, folk music and even Harley sounds. I have traveled millions of miles to bring you indigenous music, Amazon sounds, African music, Asian music, primitive music, ritual music, drums and even dinosaur sounds! Chuck is dedicated to bringing you the greatest music on earth. You€™ll be fascinated by Tahiti music, Inca music, Sci Fi music, Jungle music, Jungle drums, Native American music, Latin music, Thai music, Indian music and much much more.

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