Native American Music Part 1

Peyote Ceremony

Drums of Light by Chuck Jonkey












As a musician/composer/adventurer who loves discovering native cultures it’s always fascinating to delve into the music of tribal groups.  Native American music is rich in rhythm and ceremonial content.  Here are samples from two of my Sonic Safari Music ( Cd releases:  Peyote Ceremony and Drums of Light.

Peyote Ceremony resulted from a trip to the Four Corners area.  I met a Navajo man as he was buying an elk hide for his water drum.  The water drum is only used in the Peyote Ceremony and is accompanied by a special whistle and shaker.  Peyote is a small cactus that grows in southwestern US and parts of Mexico.  The Aztec’s were known to use Peyote.  Peyote Ceremonies are held for many reasons and are especially important in cures for illness and petitions for diving assistance.

Drums of Light is my creation using many tribal drums in a homage to all ancient native american peoples.  I went to a dance performance of different tribes at a local museum and found they were dancing to my Cd.

Click here to listen to a cut from Peyote Ceremony: Peyote Song #1    Click here to listen to a cut from Drums of Light: The Okipa