Microtonal Guitar

The world we live in is full of sound. Lots of high, low and medium pitches that go way beyond the human spectrum of hearing. Our musical world is full of sounds both pitched and unpitched. Microtonal music refers to music with intervals not found in our Western scales. Ours is called the 12-tone equal temperament scale. The Indian system uses 22 instead of 12 divisions of the musical octave. The photo here is of Pradeep Nag. He is a wonderful player of Indian music on a slide guitar. Pradeep’s usage of microtones as found in the various ragas in my “Indian Slide Guitar” is just stunning.This is just one example of the microtonal world. Music of Java and Bali is also very rich with microtonal scales. I highly recommend that you look into the world of microtonal music and you’ll be surprised at the vast amount of music.

Indian Slide Guitar