Les Paul

A few weeks ago, I happened to be at a local art library… Brand library in Glendale. I was browsing their DVDs and saw one on the life of Les Paul. I watched it and was amazed at what an innovator he really was. Not only was he a superb guitarist… but he came up with the concept of multi-track recording and was the first to actually develop it.

He also came up with the first solid body guitar design to facilitate hearing a guitar in the context of a loud jazz band. He played with many of the greatest musicians and composers of his time. He was still playing weekly at a Jazz club at the age of 90, when the documentary was made.

I was sad to hear that he passed away just 2 weeks after I saw the documentary. Here’s the link to this excellent DVD: http://www.lespaulfilm.com/


Les Paul and Paul McCartney