Indian Music - Dilruba

Dilruba is a delightful bowed instrument found in North India. It is used to play light classical & religious music. I love Indian music and “Dilruba” is a stellar recording of an amazing musician – Shubhayu Sen Majumdar. This brand-new Sonic Safari music recording also features tabla and tanpura. Dilruba translates to : “robber of the heart”. One listen to this amazing music and you heart will be stolen!

The dilruba usually has 4 main playing strings and 14 sympathetic strings. The bridge rests on goat skin that is attached to the instrument’s top. The Dilruba was used in the Beatles “Sargent Pepper” album. The instrument has a distinctive vocal-like quality that emotes tribal life in India. Enjoy stellar, soaring voice-like melodies with “Dilbruba“.

Click here to listen to some of “Dilruba”: Great Devotion Evening Meditation part 2

Dilruba Instrumental music of India Here is a listing of the tracks with the accompanying ragas:

1. Great Devotion (14:23)

Rag Yaman – teen tal (evening rag) (16 beats)

2. Mystic Sun Rays (part 1) (6:42)

Rag Shuddh Sarang alap (noon rag)

3. Mystic Sun Rays (part 2) (12:41)

Rag Shuddh Sarang gat in rupak tal (7 beats)

4. Sacred Moon Beams (7:54)

Rag Khamaj – tal adha (evening rag) (8 beats)

5. Evening Meditation (part 1) (4:18)

Rag Bagesree – alap (night rag)

6. Evening Meditation (part 2) (12:48)

Rag Bagesree gat teen tal (16 beats)

7. Mountain Spirits (7:16)

Rag Bhairavi – dhun dadra tal (6 beats)