Inca Music of the Qechua Indians

I lived for 2 years in Peru and have visited many times since. It has been fascinating to discover the wide diversity of cultures and music. The cultures of the coast are very different from the highlands of the Andes or the jungles of the Amazon. One one of my visits I found a couple of fantastic groups performing “Inca music”…. music whose traditions go back to those times and even before, the pre-Inca peoples. The mp3 below is part of a cut on my “Inca Music” Cd titled “Tarkeada”. The Tarka is an amazing wooden flute whose construction is such that it sounds truly unique. Instead of being tubular, the Tarka is in a square shape which emphasizes different overtones than ordinary bamboo flutes. Here’s a description of the full Cd:

Music of the Qechua Indiansinca Music - Click to Buy CD and MP3s

This is the music you would have heard 500 years ago in the ancient Inca empire. Incredible, power music that will take you back to those ancient days.

Deep in the sacred valley of the Incas is the tiny village of Pisaq. It is located at the base of a huge mountain. The famous Inca ruins of Pisaq are on its summit.

I discovered a fantastic group of musicians playing the ancient Qechua music. Flutes, drums, shakers, conch shells & tribal chants send shivers up your spine! This is not a slick studio recording… this is the real thing. Recorded in a small village home, Inca music is beautifully primitive and untouched.

Experience the ancient world of the Inca with Inca Music.

Inca Music: Tarkeada MP3 sample