Harley Hog

There’s nothing quite as powerful as the raw sound of a Harley Hog. In the last several years I have attended the “Love Ride” where 20,000 motorcycles gather together for charity and a fun ride. I don’t personally ride but I have really enjoyed the show and wild “tribal” people that show up to these events. The sound of 20,000 motorcycles revving their engines is just awesome. I always take high quality recording gear to record the Herculean sounds. I decided that I would make a Cd based on the Hog’s sounds. There has really not been a Cd of this amazing machine until now. I put together my Sonic Safari Music release: “Hog”. The project was difficult but tons of fun. In addition to the raw engine sounds I decided to have a little fun. I went to a friend’s house to record his hog. I put my head close to the engine and used special binaural mics that are worn on the head. The bike was cold and sputtered a bit as it warmed up. At one point I distinctly heard a rhythm…a tribal rhythm. When I got back to the studio I put the sound up on my studio speakers and sure enough there it was – an African rhythm. Based on this little section of a cold hog warming up I created an amazing audio track “Primal Nights”. At the start of the track you hear the motorcycle idling and then slowly I added African drums. As the track progresses I add in sounds of animals, the jungle and villagers. Below is an Mp3 audio sample of “Primal Nights”.

On another track I decided to create a heavy metal guitar tune using the cycle sounds as a percussion instrument along with drums, bass and crazy lead guitar. Check out a little bit of this tune: “Cruising Low.”

I think you’ll gain a better appreciation of this great motorcycle.

Primal Nights Mp3 click here to listen. Cruising Low Mp3 click here to listen.

Hog Cd

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