Exotic Bamboo Music

My travels to tropical countries have revealed the extensive use of bamboo. Bamboo is one of the world’s fastest growing plants ( up to 4 inches a day). I have been in bamboo forests and you can actually hear it growing! Of course bamboo is used in making homes, huts, furniture, floors, paper, food and many other uses.

I have recorded some amazing music made by all bamboo musical instruments: bamboo drums, bamboo flutes, bamboo gongs, bamboo xylophones, jaws harps and much more.

Indonesian Suling Flute

Here’s a beautiful example of bamboo music. Click on the red text to hear an Mp3 sample: Durmo “Durmo” is from my Cd “Bamboo Music” and is a solo suling (bamboo flute) recording with the artist using circular breathing.

“Cotekan” is another amazing bamboo music cut. Click on the red text to hear an Mp3 sample: Cotekan

Patrol music group from Banyuwangi, Java

This is “Patrol Music” from Eastern Java. I went to the small town of Banyuwangi to record this excellent group. Listen to the bamboo drums, low gong and various bamboo xylophone type instruments.

Here’s a solo instrumentalist playing a small bamboo xylophone instrument called tin click. Note how each hand plays independent musical melodies. This tune is titled “Manuk Nguci”. Click on the red text to hear an Mp3 sample: Manuk Nguci

Two players sitting at Tin Click instruments.