Jungle Drums

What are jungle drums? My name is Chuck Jonkey and I’ve traveled around the world and recorded jungle sounds in many different rain forests. It is so fascinating to listen to the myriad species that are about at different times of the day and night.

“Jungle Drums” features sounds of the rain forests of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru and Thailand. I collected instruments in all of the places I’ve visited and have used them in this recording. Log drums and bamboo flutes from the Amazon, ceramic ocarinas of the ancient Aztec & Mayas, seed shakers and all manner of percussion instruments make up the rhythmic part of this recording.

All of the instruments were played live (no loops) to give the true tribal feel that “Jungle Drums” is all about.

click here to listen to the cut titled: Zebra

here’s another mp3 to listen to Jungle Strut

click here for another tune titles: Mozambique

Jungle Drums

Chuck Jonkey with drums

Jungle Drums back Cd cover