Exotic Music part 1

Mask Music, Islamic Women Rice Pounders, Sadimara Genjek, and Kick Box Music. Over the years of travel and exploration I have encountered some astounding cultures whose rituals and customs are very compelling. An essential part of these cultures is the music and dance. Southeast Asia certainly has it’s amazing music as you’ll hear below. Strange musical instruments, wild rhythms and alluring melodies makes this music very exotic.

My music has been greatly influenced by these village musicians. My CD “Mask Music” features lots of Indonesian musical instruments, including: Balinese Gamelan, Javanese Gamelan, Suling & Gambuh flutes, lots of kendangs and other drums, many gongs and other musical elements.

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mask music from sonic safari music

In a small village in Central Java islamic women have created a wonderful style of music derived from their work as they pound rice. The women use large wooden poles to hit the bottom and edges of a wooden canoe. Their vocals talk of village life.

Islamic Women Rice Pounding music

click here to listen to this music Kicir Kicir

Now check out Thai Kick Box Music. This exotic music accompanies the matches at ring-side as the musicians play according to the action in the ring.

Kick Box Music from Sonic Safari music

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Genjek is what I call “vocal percussion”. The song starts out with a single singer on the core melody at a given cue the rest of the chorus kicks in with vibrant vocal rhythms that follow drum patterns.

Sadimara Genjek vocal percussion music of Bali

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