Mexican Music - Jarocho

Jarocho music is festive and lively. I’m Chuck Jonkey and I love world travel and exotic music. I took one of my Sonic Safari expeditions to Veracruz, Mexico in search of Jarocho. It didn’t take long to find one of the greatest Jarocho players alive: Felipe Ochoa.

Jarocho music (Son Jarocho) has its origins in the 17th & 18th centuries from Spanish dances with additional African influences. Jarocho is usually a fast 6/8 against syncopated 3/4 time. The harp plays the melody and exciting solos while the Jaranas (small guitar-like instruments) play syncopated rhythms that blaze through tropical nights.

This is the happiest, most joyous music in the world. It’s festive and fun, a triple delight. I had a blast recording this music and spending time in Mexico. Manuel Zardain is a fantastic painter who created the Cd cover art. His Veracruz art is the best. Listen to Jarocho music (click here): El Alacran (f)

Jarocho Cd cover from Sonic Safari music

Chuck Jonkey at falls not far from Xalapa, Mexico

Colorful church in Xalapa, Mexico

Xico Church