Kids in Mexico

Two weekends ago I went to see a good friend of mine… Ed Perry. I met Ed years ago when he owned a studio in Hollywood (“Music Box studios”). He owned that studio for about 15 years. He got tired of that and sold it. He tried a few other professions, like construction, plumbing, electrical work and wasn’t quite satisfied.

Ed spent some time in Tijuana Mexico and decided to dedicate his life to a great cause. He started and now runs an Orphanage called “Los Angelitos”. I went down to see him and the 27 kids he is caring for. I was really touched by his work and fell in love with the great kids he has there.

The kids range from 2 years – 18. All have come from pretty tough circumstances. The kids were so upbeat and loving. It was a joy to spend a couple of days with them.

If you want to help a wonderful cause… please check out his web site: He depends entirely on donations from people in the US. I certainly plan to return soon and to help support such a great work.