Bamboo Power

Bamboo is used all over Asia for so many uses: construction, furniture, flooring, buildings, and of course some great musical applications. The amazing thing is that bamboo grows so fast and is very strong and resonant. Bamboo in Indonesia comes in many forms and colors. Some of the bamboo is very straight and has few nodes. One such bamboo is used for the wonderful long 1.5 meter flutes called Gambuh. I had two made for me on my last trip there.A very powerful sound comes from striking huge, long tubes of bamboo in Jegog music. The first time I heard a recording of Jegog…I was hooked. I have recorded several stellar Jegog groups. Usually there are 20 or more members of the group playing sets of tunes bamboo tubes of varying length…from shorter to the gigantic 12 foot long bass tubes. The musicians actually use two hands to wield the mallet to strike the tube hard enough to get a great sound.You can hear samples of this music here: