Wind Chimes

I’ve always loved the sound of wind chimes.

I started collecting them quite a while ago. They provide such soothing sounds. I was at a local hardware store a few months ago and passed some chimes for sale. One particular set caught my eye… they were made by a company called Grace Note Chimes (there is a link to them at my Sonic Safari Music Wind Chimes web page).

The chimes seemed to ring forever. I decided to create a Cd using only wind chimes. I contacted the good people at Grace Note Chimes and Mike, the owner, said he’d be happy to help out with the project. Next thing I knew I had quite a number of these fantastic chimes… of all sizes… tiny and up to 6 feet long.

I spent weeks creating “Wind Chime Music”… it really was quite a challenge but I’m really happy with the way it turned out. Here’s the link where you can hear some samples:

Wind Chime Music