Jungle Drums

Jungle DrumsI’ve spent quite a bit of time in various jungles and rainforests on my Sonic Safari expeditions. It is really amazing to see such an ecosystem that is full of vegetation of life.

Night is amazing as many of the animals and insects come out. The sounds are fantastic. I have recorded sounds in Costa Rica, Thailand, the Amazon (Peru, Colombia, Brazil), Mexico, Guatemala… and a few other great places in Indonesia. Each record is unique.

I have 2 CDs of just pure jungle sounds… Amazon Nights and Costa Rican Rainforest. Here is a tune from the “Jungle Drums” Cd called Mozambique. Wild African drums blended in with jungle sounds I recorded. Talk about paying dues for my work… I can recall many times standing perfectly still during a recording while being attacked by mosquitos… and not being able to do anything to disturb the record.

Oh well, its been worth it. Click Here to download the free MP3 of the cut Mozambuique from the Jungle Drums CD.

If you like the free MP3, here is the link to the Jungle Drums CD: http://sonicsafarimusic.com/music/jungledrums/