Strange Music - Strange Worlds

Looking for weird music, odd music, unusual music or strange music? Here’s the Cd for you. Strange Worlds is my newest Cd and I’m very excited about this exotic collection of music, rhythms, and instruments. My name is Chuck Jonkey and I travel around the world investigating tribal music. My collection of really strange, unusual musical instruments is growing daily. Here are some of the musical instruments I used on “Strange Worlds”: Bajo sexto (acoustic bass 12-string), Sitar, Surbahar (bass sitar), Surbitar (custom bass guitar sitar), Setar (Iranian stringed instrument), Jewari bass (custom-made bass with sitar bridge), Baritone and fretless guitars, bass parrot (instrument I made similar to Dan Bau) and lots more. The drums I used are many including: Gong drum (huge drum I constructed), Bayan (Indian drum), Tablas (India), Daf, Ceng ceng (Balinese), Bonangs (Java) and lots of ethnic shakers and other percussion instruments. You’ll experience strange sonic textures, some odd rhythms and plenty of strange sounds with “Strange Worlds“. I suggest you lay back, put headphones on and take a wild “Sonic Safari” to crazy new worlds with “Strange Worlds”.

Here are a few mp3 samples for you: (click here to listen) World of Fractals Such a Strange Place Deep Spheres

“Strange Worlds”

"Chuck Jonkey"

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