Jungle Music - Alto Selva Alegre (The High Happy Jungle)

Welcome to Alto Selva Alegre    A provocative, exotic collection of wild jungle music.  Sizzling, seductive,  pleasure-filled music that will tantalize and stimulate you.
I lived in Peru for 2 fun years.  Alto Selva Alegre is a small suburb in the city of Arequipa.  I always loved the name (translated:  The High Happy Jungle).  So here’s my exotic musical tribute to the jungle using a barrage of crazy instruments, loads of percussion, drums & gongs.  Indulge your senses with “Alto Selva Alegre“.

Click here to listen to a sample of cut #1: Khom Bayo Seh

Alto Selva Alegre (“The High Happy Jungle”)

Chuck Jonkey with exotic hand-carved guitar

Alto Selva Alegre Cd back cover